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"Sharayu Vadhu-Var Suchak" is entering into Matrimony world with the name "Sharayu Marriage World".

Sharayu marriage world is into market since last 15 years and has made significant contributions for matchmaking from Sonar caste which has resulted into happily married couples.

Matchmaking, Suggestions and Counselling are the key areas where Sharayu Marriage World is currently active.

After serving 15 years only for Sonar caste, now we have decided to serve all and hence this effort of sharayu as sharayumarriageworld.com. Sharayu aims to help people find their soulmates .

This portal would be for all type of castes,thus everyone can take advantage of this to find their soulmate. In this technological era with the help of our website one can find his/her match by sitting at home or offices.

As we have served Sonar castes successfully, we believe we can do the same for others as well.

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