Welcome to Sharayu Marriage World

Sharayu Terms & Conditions

  1. Profiles can be viewed at sharayumarriageworld.com
  2. If prospects marriage is fixed, its responsibility of parents or prospect to convey us about same.
  3. If your match is fixed with the help of our website or other way around your membership would get finished with us and the profile will not be displayed any further.
  4. At any point no option is available for substituting your profile. Eg If you want to take down your profile but want to replace with any other profile this is not possible.
  5. To be a member of Sharayu Marriage World, charges are Rs. 1000 with the time period of 1 year.
  6. Membership fee is non-refundable.
  7. We don’t give any personal details of prospects to divorcees at first.
  8. Information provided in profile by member needs to be verified and checked by other party. We are not responsible for any Fraudulent information provided by user.
  9. On detection of Fraudulent or wrong information we might terminate the membership of user depending upon the severity of fraudulent information provided.
  10. We suggest decisions for prospects to choose life partner should be based on information provided by user in form of education, age, job or business.
  11. We do not work of matching marriages nor are we intermediates. We just provide prospects details and patrikas.
  12. We do not accept any other fee or donations other than Membership Fees.
  13. We do not call or send representatives to prospects.
  14. Membership fee can be paid in form of Cheque or Cash. Your Membership will start once the amount gets reflected in our system.